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Robert Ramirez | Academy Technician

“Pursuing further education or retraining for a new career was an obstacle for me, demanding significant time, effort, and financial resources. Adapting to different learning environments while balancing family responsibilities posed a challenge. Communicating my military experiences to others was difficult. Mentally, proving myself as a civilian and finding purpose to make my family proud became my focus.  Life in the Marine Corps involved specific routines and protocols, contrasting with civilian life’s freedom and less structure. Adjusting to this new normal was emotionally and mentally taxing, as I missed the regimented lifestyle and sense of purpose the Marine Corps provided. Physically, my discharge left me in recovery due to the demands of my job, causing significant pain. I first heard about Warriors In Need (WIN) through my family, who met Ben Ingram through work. They shared my goal of becoming an A&P Mechanic, and Ben provided invaluable guidance when we connected. His detailed explanation of WIN’s mission and how they support veterans like me was inspiring.  The impact of WIN on my life has been profound. They helped me secure a fulfilling job in a field I’m passionate about, and I’m eager to continue growing. WIN has empowered me to build a stable future for my family. Their support and motivation are invaluable during the early stages of civilian life, where many veterans struggle. WIN has opened doors for me, and I know they’ll continue to support me as I pursue new opportunities.”