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Edson Witron | Avionics Technician

“After eight years of service in the Army as an E-5 Sergeant, transitioning to civilian life and finding sustainable employment for my family was daunting. I struggled to find a job that matched my skills and provided the stability we needed.  One of the challenges I faced was relating to civilian coworkers who appeared team-oriented but lacked the cohesive teamwork I was accustomed to in the military.  I discovered Warriors In Need (WIN) through the Work for Warriors Instagram page. WIN provided me with the support and guidance I needed to pursue a career field I once thought was out of reach. Their assistance has given me a clear path towards achieving my career goals.  Thanks to WIN, I finally feel confident that I’m on the right track to building a stable and prosperous future for my family. I’m grateful for their support and encouragement during this important transition.”