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Daniel Bergman | Aircraft Detailing-OJT

“My Navy discharge was sudden, and I hadn’t secured a job. At the time, I had no direction or plan. I was unaware of the help available to me, having to relearn adulthood without instruction or structure. Transitioning from a steady, regimented lifestyle to a chaotic one was challenging. Without a structured schedule, even trivial things like an afternoon off suddenly became expensive. I had to forge my own path instead of following an institutional one.  Joining the military with emotional scars from childhood trauma, unrecognized and exacerbated during my service, including personality disorders and borderline PTSD, added to my challenges. I learned about Warriors In Need (WIN) through word of mouth from a SnapOn Tools sales rep who frequents NVOC Aviation Mechanic School, where I am currently attending. He provided me with Ben Ingram’s contact information, and the rest is history.  WIN has given me an extra boost of motivation to launch my new career in aviation. They’ve presented me with new possibilities and opportunities that have brightened my future career prospects as a new aviation mechanic.”