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Daniel Bergman | Aircraft Detailing-OJT

“My Navy discharge was sudden, and I hadn’t secured a job. At the time, I had no direction or plan. I was unaware of the help available to me, having to relearn adulthood without instruction or structure. Transitioning from a steady, regimented lifestyle to a chaotic one was challenging. Without a structured schedule, even trivial […]

Robert Ramirez | Academy Technician

“Pursuing further education or retraining for a new career was an obstacle for me, demanding significant time, effort, and financial resources. Adapting to different learning environments while balancing family responsibilities posed a challenge. Communicating my military experiences to others was difficult. Mentally, proving myself as a civilian and finding purpose to make my family proud […]

Edson Witron | Avionics Technician

“After eight years of service in the Army as an E-5 Sergeant, transitioning to civilian life and finding sustainable employment for my family was daunting. I struggled to find a job that matched my skills and provided the stability we needed.  One of the challenges I faced was relating to civilian coworkers who appeared team-oriented but […]